Friday, April 30, 2010

My last

So this is probably my last post. It's not that I haven't enjoyed writing, I just prefer that my continued writing be kept for myself. Hopefully though, this blog will inspire me to finally keep a journal. I've always wanted to but never kept them up for more than a few days. I think that if I tell myself that it is not necessary for me to write everyday that will help. I'm always told that most authors keep journals and while I'm not expecting to churn out a book anytime soon, I do still hope to one day. So hopefully that journal will help. It has been a new experience for me, and I have learned many things about myself that I think would have gone unnoticed. I'm not sure what I have gained, but I do think I have gained something. It certainly got me back into writing and reminded how therapeutic it can be for me. Good-bye for now.

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